Copper Re-Piping Residential or Commercial Copper Piping Replacement 


Copper re-piping offers a safe, durable and affordable choice for your plumbing lines.
It’s the most preferred choice for all re-piping jobs.  If you have a home or business and you are looking to replace your old galvanized pipes then copper pipping re-pipping or replacement is a safe alternative.  Copper Piping allows cold water to heat up very quickly and coper piping gets hot water to flow to the source faster. 

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Copper re-piping offers many benefits galvanized pipes don’t.

Corrosion Resistant
Commercial & Residential
Problem-Free Performance
Easy Installation
Light Weight
Safe and Durable

Brass Piping Repair, Replacement & Installation Broken Pipe Repair Pex Piping

We also use brass piping systems for residential or commercial use.
Brass pipes give your plumbing lines additional benefits.  If your home or business already has brass or copper piping throughout the properties plumbing system then you are off to a good head start.  At Thriftway Plumbing we are brass piping repair and replacement experts.  If your brass or copper pipes are broken we can also provide broken pipe repair to any piping structure.  We also can use Pex Piping alternatives when needed.  

• Less Prone to Rusting
• Less Frequent Water Discoloration
• Lowers Wear and Tear
• Lasts Longer than Galvanized Pipes


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